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Modern Pakistan is made up of numerous cultures. Clothes are one of the worlds main things that is revealing of the culture behind its design. Latest Pakistani fashion has even been influenced by the western world, there are now plenty of places within Pakistan you can find western clothes instead of more national dresses. Although the majority of people within Pakistan remain in preference to the shalwar kameez, the Pakistani national dress. Most people will look to purchase these dresses during the festival of Eid or for a Pakistani wedding. These days lots of clothing is imported from India and Pakistani dresses are influenced by Indian design quite a lot.

The national dress of Pakistan is a Shalwar Kameez. The shalwar is a loose fitting trouser than has evolved into many different styles. The traditional shalwar was embroidered at the ends and would flare from the ankles. Modern day shalwars are very different however. These days shalwars will usually be narrow at the ankle.

Thanks to the heritage of the shalwar kameez many people actually look forward to occasions in which they can wear them. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear, which is another reason people enjoy wearing them. They are tied off at the waist with some simple elastic or a drawstring. They are very lose and airy. You can get shalwars that are close fitting but these are named chuuridars. These close fitting shalwars have been taken from Indian culture.

The Kameez is a overly big and rather loose tunic that is worn with a shalwar. The shalwar kameez is unisex and all that is different between those worn by men and those worn by women is the way they fit and the designs and colors used. Embroidery and laces are used to increase the femininity. Dupattas are also worn with the dress. This is a long piece of cloth that is the same color and has the same pattern as the shalwar kameez. While women will wear shawls, head covers or scarves with the shalwar kameez. There are numerous types of materials that are used to make these clothes, some of the more popular are cotton and lawn chiffon.

An Indian dress is the sherwani. These have been seen in India since the 18th century. In recent history however they have grown in popularity amongst Pakistani men. Even more recently women have begun to adopt this type of clothing. The sherwani is simply a long coat that will be worn with a shalwar. It is comprised of pretty heavy fabric.

There is another dress that has grown popular named the achkan. Again this dress was originally popular in India since the 19th century, however it has now made its way over to Pakistan. It is a long sleeved jacket. It will reach as far down as a mans knees. Recently the latest Pakistani fashion is to have them reach even lower than the knees.

Along with these Indian dresses, western designs have also been making their way to Pakistan and becoming popular with Pakistani designers. As you can tell from Pakistani clothes online the call for western styles is ever increasing, however many Pakistani designe

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